Group Show at The Next Contemporary, Toronto
Alize Zorlutana, Diyar Mayil, Sukaina Kubba
25 February - 22 April 2023

This group exhibition looks at comfort beyond a physical state, as a complete sensorial experience felt through the lens of diverse artistic interpretations. Each artist unmakes and remakes the idea of home, translating space and reimagining domestic objects as languages of both belonging and estrangement.
The artists investigate the relationships of comfort and place to aesthetics and the tension that occurs when objects are physically familiar, but visually or psychologically uncomfortable. Working across varied disciplines, the three artists trace distance through laborious and devotional material processes.
Kubba, Mayil, and Zorlutuna utilise different strategies to produce a similar affect. By rendering the intimate and known, unfamiliar and uncomfortable, they approximate the embodied experience of displacement, of never quite arriving.

I would like to acknowledge the Exhibition Support Grant from the Ontario Arts Council and the Government of Ontario. 

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