born Iraq 1975 / Canadian
lives and works in Canada

email|  sukainakubba at gmail dot com

2019  A Case of, Solo Exhibition at BILD.LAB, Fisch Haus, Wichita, Kansas
2016  Peaks, with Natalie McGowan, Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow
2016  Double-Blind, with Natalie McGowan, Intermedia, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow
2016  As You Were, with Carmel O’Brien, an Opera Autonoma Production, Glasgow International 2016  
2015  Mortem Simulans, with Carmel O’Brien, Commissioned by Merchant City Festival, Glasgow    
2014  WORK OUT, Solo Project at Hilary Crisp Gallery, London, UK
2013  Pavor Nocturnus, Solo Exhibition, Kendall Koppe Gallery, Glasgow
2012  L’anniversaire, Solo Exhibition, Espace Projet, Montreal


o  UPCOMING:  Don't Ask Me Where I'm From, curated by Nicolas Vamvouklis and Marianne Fenton, 
   Gallerie delle Prigioni, Treviso, Italy; the Aga Khan Museum, Toronto; and other cities tbd. 2019-2020
o  UPCOMING:  Alias Domaines I, audio-visual collaboration with Craig Mulholland,
   Presented at From Glissant Unfixed and Unbounded, Event/ Symposium at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
   with Elegoa Cultural Productions curated by Catherine Sicot, Wanda Nanibush and Pamela Edmunds

Gwenava International, Eat Prey Love, Curated by Gwenan Davies and Geneva Sills, Glasgow
o  Voice Over for Bugs & Beasts Before the Law, a Film by Bambitchell, Sharlene Bamboat and Alexis Mitchell,
   exhibited at Mercer Union, Toronto
o  Costume Design for Careless Whispers III for Madeleine Virginia Brown, at HEAVY DUTY, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow

Exquisite Corpse, Curated by, James Sayer, New Glasgow Society, Glasgow
o  Costume Design for Careless Whispers II for Madeleine Virginia Brown,  at Performance Pets, 
   Curated by Fyodor Pavlov Andreevich & Anna Shpilko, at Fatima Maleki’s House, London
N-E-U P-N-E-U-M-A-T-I-C-S !, Contributing Artist, Exhibition and Performances by Craig Mulholland, Carmel O’Brien 
   and Madeleine Virginia Brown, New Glasgow Society, Glasgow International 2018
Exquisite Offerings, curated by Ellis Luxemburg, Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow International 2018
o  Participating Performer, I’m Going to Tell You About My Life, by Esther Ferrer,  the Pearce Institute, 
   Glasgow International 2018
o  Participating Performer, LOOP, by Alys Owen and Beth Shapeero at the Glasgow Underground Subway, 
   part of Glasgow International 2018

HERE: Locating Contemporary Canadian Artists, Commission for a Group Exhibition at the Aga Khan Museum, Toronto,    
   Curated by Swapnaa Tamhane 
o  Readings  and Performance contributions for Adam Lewis Jacob: History Happens At Night
   at CCA Creative Lab Residency, Glasgow; and Emotional Need at Collective, Edinburgh
Cities Programme/ ULTRA VIRES: video/ performance for lightreading with Sarah Rose at CCA Glasgow, 
   Curated by Kari Robertson
Things, 6 Dixon Street, Glasgow, Curated by Very Friendly and withfc 
o  Costume Design for Careless Whispers, Performance by Madeleine Virginia Brown, 
   Venice International Performance Week, Palazzo Mora, Venice

o Performance for ULTRA VIRES, with Craig Mulholland, organized by lightreading (Sarah Rose and Sonya Lacey) and Good Press,  at David Dale Gallery, Glasgow
o Gwenan International, In The Office, Curated by Gwenan Davies, Hope Street, Glasgow

o Gwenan InterKubba, Curated by Gwenan Davies and Sukaina Kubba, 173 Kenmure Street, Glasgow
o Le swimming, Glasgow International Festival 2014, Underground Car Park, Glasgow
o Gwenan International 2014, Curated by Gwenan Davies, The Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow
o Lucy Donna, with Jenny Lewis & Alys Owen, Underground Car Park at Flemming House, Glasgow

o “A Deeper Understanding,” video for NITEFLIGHTS, curated by Michelle Hannah, CCA Glasgow
o Voyage, curated by Imi Maufe and Rona Rangsch, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany
o Acts of Longevity, The Briggait, Glasgow
o Gwenan and Justin International, Curated by Gwenan Davies and Justin Stephens, 42 Carlton Place, Glasgow
o Gwenan International, “An Evening of…”, Curated by Gwenan Davies, 42 Carlton Place, Glasgow
o EROTTAA+-US Round-up of Deer, Glue Factory, Glasgow

o EROTTAA+-US Round-up of Deer, Aalto Media Lume Centre, Helsinki
o Masters of Letters, Bermondsey Project Space, London, UK
o Gwenan International, Curated by Gwenan Davies, 42 Carlton Place, Glasgow


2019 - 2021
o  Alias Domaines, Two-person research project with Craig Mulholland


o  LECTURER/ Undergraduate Painting and Printmaking, School of Fine Art, The Glasgow School of Art
o  CO-DIRECTOR and CURATOR/ LAST FUTURES: Exhibition and Performances at Tramway, Glasgow
   (Glasgow School of Art, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow University and BBC SSO Collaboration)
2015 - 2017
o  SUPERVISOR and LECTURER/ Master of Research in Creative Practices, The Glasgow School of Art 
2012 - 2017
o  VISITING LECTURER/  MLitt in Fine Art Practice, The Glasgow School of Art
o  CURATOR/ “New Dreams,” Design Domaine, two exhibitions at The Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow University, 
   (Glasgow School of Art, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow University and BBC SSO Collaboration)
2014 - 2015    
o  CURATOR/ Phoenix Bursary Exhibition, The Glasgow School of Art
o  PROJECT COORDINATOR and TUTOR/ Phoeniix Bursary, The Glasgow School of Art
o PRODUCER and CUATOR/  Neu Now Festival, European League of Institutes of the Arts, 
The Reid Gallery at The Glasgow School of Art (GSA and RCS Collaboration)
o CURATOR/ 1913: Rite of Spring, Exhibitions and Performances at the Hidden Gardens, Underground Car Park, Mono 
and the Old Hairdresser’s, (Glasgow School of Art, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and BBC SSO Collaboration)

2013 - 2019
o  UPCOMING/ VISITING CRITIC/ Waterloo School of Architecture/ Cambridge, Ontario
o  VISITING CRITIC/ BFA Photography, Concordia University, Montreal
o  VISITING CRITIC/ Trans-Discipinary Design MFA, Parsons School of Design, The New School, New York
o  VISITING CRITIC/ Barnard College School of Architecture, Columbia University, New York
o  VISITING CRITIC/ Master of Architecture, Royal College of Art, London, UK
o  RESEARCH ASSISTANT - Canadian Centre for Architecture, research for post-doctural fellows at the CCA, Montreal


o Artist and Editor/ Workshops with Govan Community Project and Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow
o Producer for Creative Scotland, Edinburgh, Project Manager for a commission by Syrian Artist Nihad Al Turk
o Producer/ Counterflows Festival 2017
o Interpreter and Volunteer at the Govan Community Project, Glasgow
o Producer/ Counterflows Residency with Andrea Neumann and Adam Campbell, CCA Creative Lab, Glasgow
o Curator/ Underground Car Park, Glasgow, a Series of Events and Exhibitions at Fleming House, Glasgow
o Co-Curator, Gwenan InterKubba, Curated with Gwenan Davies, 173 Kenmure Street, Glasgow
1999 - 2010
o Senior Architect / Architect at Arif Bintoak, Dubai, 2006 to 2010
o Architect/ MSDL, Montreal, 2004 to 2006
o Architect/ Affleck De La Riva, Montreal, 2001 to 2003


o Spring Residency at Fisch Haus, Wichita, Kansas
o Wichita City Arts Grant, March 2019
o Glasgow Visual Art and Craft Award Scheme - Research and Development for AWY, with Carmel O’Brien
o Dumfries House Residency, Two-week residency, Ayrshire, Scotland
o WORK OUT, Two-month residency at Hilary Crisp Gallery, London
o Dumfries House Residency, One-week residency, Ayrshire, Scotland
o In Residence, Two-Month Summer Residency, Kendall Koppe Gallery, Glasgow
o MLitt Nominee for SPIE Graduate Prize for GSA Degree Show
o British Airways Collection, Masters of Letters Print Box, Glasgow
Before 2012
o Grymsdyke Farm Residency, Buckinghamshire, 2011
o Quebec Arts Council Artist Grant with Sarah Rooney, 2000
o First Prize, Centre for Canadian Architecture Competition for the Park-Pine Interchange, Montreal, 1996
o Research Grant, McGill School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Housing in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, 1996


o  Hommages, No.1, Contributing Artist, Composed and edited by Craig Mulholland
o  LAST FUTURES/ BBC Interviews with Directors (Kubba, Armstrong, Sik) and students :  GO TO Behind the Scenes:

o  OTHER LIBRARIES: Editor, Collaborative publication with Govan Community Project and Centre for Contemporary Art, 
o  HERE: Locating Contemporary Canadian Artists, Exhibition Catalogue, published by the Aga Khan Museum, Toronto

o  HERE: Locating Canadian Artists, Interview and Panel Discussion

o  ULTRA VIRES, Architectural proposal, with Craig Mulholland, published by lightreading (Sarah Rose and Sonya Lacey), 
   presented at David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, Sans Serif Amsterdam, the New York Art Fair, and Good Press, Glasgow
o  NEW DREAMS/ BBC Interview with Student Curators and Designers:

o  Drawing for Queens Park Music Club, Volume 2, published by Queens Park Railway Club, Glasgow
o  Phoenix Exhibition Catalogue, published by the Glasgow School of Art
o  Phoenix Bursary and Exhibition Press:  
-  BBC Interviews and showcase:  

o  La Femme Sombra, Artist Book for Voyage, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany

2012  MLitt in Fine Art Practice (Painting), The Glasgow School of Art 
1998  Bachelor of Architecture, McGill University, Montreal
1997  B.Sc.(Architecture), McGill University, Montreal