Enclave Exclave (31-32 Oakville, Ontario)
Hand-drawn PLA filament
commissioned for Greater Toronto Art 2024, Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto

text by MOCA Toronto

Sukaina Kubba's practice stems from an obsession with objects and people, especially how memories relate to familial histories. She finds beauty in isolation and not only welcomes but prioritizes the power that lies in details, which she embraces almost compulsively through the act of tracing. With a slow and steady hand, Kubba spends dozens of hours following the lines of photographs and tapestries-materials both found and inherited.

For GTA24, Kubba focuses on a rug that has been in her family for generations. The work is broken down into sections that present as narrative vignettes, with the particular material of 3D filament conveying the feeling of a sketch, a drawing, a sculpture-or all three at once.
This monumental Persian rug, woven with stories of travel, trade, and migration, is articulated through close reading by the artist, as she reconsiders how people's relationships to land and each other are formed and perceived.

Courtesy of the artist and The Next Contemporary, Toronto
photos: IF Documentation

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